Polaris Project 
Promotional Material for Symposium on Global efforts to end Human Trafficking
One of the first projects I worked on straight after redesigning my new identity and website, working for the Polaris Project came as an easy choice to make. My whole ethos, if it truly be about forming modern and positive communities, allowed an automatic, almost knee jerk reaction to the advertisement requesting a graphic designer to help them out.
Staged in the UN University Campus in Tokyo's Aoyama district, the symposium gave a platform for various global bodies to discuss the progress in defeating human trafficking. I was simply glad to contribute in the way that I could.
I provided posters, banners and A4 covers.
Final Poster Design
A4 Cover
Report Cover
First Draft Design
Note the font and the original direction I proposed, with its irregular alignment and spacing, suggesting contribution from everybody and not simply established organisations.
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