July 2010 Short Folio
Exray was the name by which all of my creative work was under. It was my portfolio up until very recently and is broken down into relevant employment and private projects that I had been involved with.
A fuller and broader range of work existed on my previous website however the purpose of the shortened version of the portfolio was to provide something that an interested party could take away with them, after a chat, a meeting or an interview.
It contained only a few pieces of the work I had been getting up to before my current post as Creative Director in Wedovideo, Tokyo.
The booklet is wrapped in a sleeve that is printed with a matte coating revealing the gloss stock underneath. I wanted the logo to pop first and foremost, only rewarding the more discerning viewer with some subtle designs surrounding the main logo mark.
The surrounding marks can be seen here in more detail.
Taking the sleeve off you can see that the main booklet is only branded with the main essence of the logo. the stock here is slightly richer in both weight and style, moving towards a more textured feel.
This is inside of the booklet. To see more you need to meet me (ask nicely).
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